Retreat with Lise Borbeau in Romania

14 - 26 May 2016

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We invite you to take part on an initiating journey to Sarmizegetusa, to reconnect us with our ancestors, and also with the entire nature, exactly when "the heaven is open", starting in the summer solstice day and ending in the day we celebrate Sanziene, a very old popular celebration.

Journey in Banat Mountains

We invite you in a journey where nature reveals itself through the pure beauty of the dreamy places from The Banat Mountain.

Spa, Massage and Detox Retreats

Reinvent yourself and enjoy 9 days of rejuvenation, detoxification and slimming in a pristine and relaxing location!

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Journey in the very heart of Apuseni Mountains

We are pleased to invite you to an exceptional encounter with adventure in Transylvania!


In our wish to help you develop on personal level,
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Discover Authenitic Romania

  • Sacred and mysterious spaces

    Journeys are unique experiences. Besides the geography and the history of the places we will visit, a journey can turn into an initiating journey, by connecting us to spaces with a special energy, able to activate at anytime a healing process or a deep awareness. Sacred places represent important points in which the connection with subtle energies is done much more intensly and obviously.

  • Great expeditions

    Journeys are meant to bring joy into our souls, being related with holidays, a way of relaxing, even when they are structured on the active rest principle.
    Expeditions give us the possibility to escape our everyday life and to walk into a regenerative state of the body, through healthy exercises and by training all our senses, to regain our natural balance, in connection with all nature's elements.

  • Transylvania at a glance

    Journeys can also be wonderful opportunities to return in the past and in spaces that kept untouched a life full of harmony, a world in which man and nature respect each other. Discovering the authentic Romania, the history of the lands, the spirit of the people visiting remarkably restored citadels, being guest in beautiful vintage romanian manors, having a well-preserved architectural style and supporting the local traditions, through customs and also through delicious recipes, prepared with organic locally grown products, all of these are meant to offer you a genuine pamper, a long relaxing moment, both for body and soul.

  • Spa, Massage and Detox Retreats

    Reinvent yourself and enjoy 9 days of rejuvenation, detoxification and slimming in a pristine and relaxing location! Why should you choose a detox retreat in a clinique, when you can find yourself exactly in the middle of the nature, serving only fresh and delicious products, grown and harvested in the places where you are invited to spend a healthy holiday? CEDA’s Restorative Escape to Romania programs offers you the opportunity to reclaim your physical and spiritual health while vacationing in picturesque rural Romania, - with plenty day trips and exciting activities.

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