About us

C.E.D.A. – Center for Education, Development & Awareness – has in the centre of its preoccupations the aspirations toward personal development of our fellow people through the four types of intelligence – physical, rational, emotional and spiritual.

CEDA Vision

We contribute to the human development on every level of their existence through education and self-knowledge.

CEDA Mission

We sustain the people in their development, making available for them multiple tools trough which everyone can find their own way to personal development.

Our Values











Activity definition

- Soul journeys in Romania in which you will be exposed to the historical, geographical, ethnographical values, especially with a spiritual signification.

- External journeys in important places for the evolution of other civilizations with deep spiritual value.

- Editing and launching books on personal, social and spiritual development

- Events, conferences, other manifestations dedicated to everyone interested in self-knowledge, and also a larger area of educational alternatives that can bring a valuable contribution to people\'s development in all planes of life

- Selection, for those interested, of a variety of arts and crafts objects in Romania and other countries

- Producing and marketing of some food brands, along with education activities towards a healthy, tasty and natural alimentation

- An education centre through art and culture connecting Romania to other important civilizations of the universal spiritual patrimony

- Charitable activities in the young and health education domain

What is the aim of CEDA?

Through its essence, CEDA contributes to the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual education.

It preserves cultural traditions and Romanian civilization and contributes essentially to the inter-generational transfer of the cultural values information.

CEDA assumes the role of ambassador of authentic Romanian values, traditional and modern, promoting them internationally and internally. At the same time, we embrace the promoter role of cultural exchange between different civilizations, making known to Romania the values or remarkable personalities of various people that have the potential to mark their socio-cultural life.

Acting as an educational centre through predominantly spiritual art and culture, CEDA wants to offer a variety of valuable resources, otherwise difficult to identify and access.

Travelling in \"time\" and space, having as destinations exceptional sites from a historical and energetic point of view, accessing the newest titles and the most reputed authors or offering the possibility to buy the masterpieces of some exceptionally valuable artists are just a few of the ways CEDA supports the cultural exchange and the development of the human taken as a whole entity.

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