Great expeditions

Journeys are meant to bring joy into our souls, being related with holidays, a way of relaxing, even when they are structured on the active rest principle.
Expeditions give us the possibility to escape our everyday life and to walk into a regenerative state of the body, through healthy exercises and by training all our senses, to regain our natural balance, in connection with all nature's elements.

We invite you in a journey where nature reveals itself through the pure beauty of the dreamy places from The Banat Mountain.
We will visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, such as: The Bigar Waterfall, The Beusnita Waterfall, The Susara Waterfall and we will make unforgettable hikes through The Nera's Gorges, The Rudaria's Gorges, The Caras's Gorges, finall resting at the foothills of The Semenic Mountains, on The Gozna Lake's shore, where there is one of the most picturesque villages of Banat. Because we are crossing a rich karstic area, we will hike in amazing caves, such as The Comarnic Cave, and the journey will end in the Dacian Fortress, Sarmizegetusa, ancient sacred space of dacian priests.

We are pleased to invite you to an exceptional encounter with adventure in Transylvania!

A unique opportunity to connect with every element of the nature: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Metal, during a worthful hike, in The Trascau Mountains and in The Natural Reserve of The Apuseni Mountains, in order to discover a part of this picturesque land's mysteries, but also its absolute beauty: The Turda Salt Mine, the roman galleries from The Rosia Montana Goldmine, or genuine monuments of nature, such as: Piatra Corbului, Detunatele, The Ruginoasa Hollow, The Orcandusei Keys, The Padis Natural Reserve with Ponor's Citadels, The Gardisoarei Gorges, The Lost World Karst Plateau, Adventures or amazing caves, like: The Huda of Papara, consider to be Zalmoxe's cave, The Ionele’s Cave, The Scarisoara Cave (Glacier), The Vartop Glacier (The Wonderful Cave), The Bears Cave, The Meziad Cave, place in which the underground world seems to be A Dream Realm, still so unknown; The Tauz Izbuc,The Pisoaia Waterfall and The Hill with Fossilized Snails.

The Danube Delta is pure nature, spreading over an area of approx. 5000 km2, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, accommodating 25 types of ecosystems, numerous plants and animals on the verge of extinction (over 5500 species), protected by law. It is the second largest and the best preserved delta in Europe; it was formed 5000 years ago,through the forking of the Danube River, before its outlet into the Black Sea, into three branches: Chilia, St. George and Sulina, linked together through a complex and remarkable system of lakes, channels and lagoons. The Danube Delta encompasses the third biggest biodiversity in the world, after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Galapagos Archipelago in Ecuador. More than 50% of the Danube Delta biosphere is intact, and here you can encounter white lotus flowers and yellow water lilies, the biggest colony of white pelicans – the symbol of the Danube Delta, wild geese, swans, egrets, storks, gipsy ibises, and also herds of wild horses racing along at will in the Letea Forest, the northernmost exotic forest exhibiting tropical features; here there are also trees whose age is assessed to more than 500 years old. And last but not least, the sand dunes provide a perfect shelter for turtles and different types of lizards.