Transform your body through nutrition

Reinvent yourself in 2014 while you enjoy 9 days of rejuvenation, detoxification and slimming in a pristine and relaxing location! 

”One of the reasons I've always wanted to return to Romania is the extraordinary natural beauty of its landscapes and the wild virgin forests in the Carpathian Mountains”

Charles, Prince of Wales, Travel Channel documentary: Wild Carpathia

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CEDA’s Restorative Escape To Romania programs offers you the opportunity to reclaim your physical and spiritual health while vacationing in picturesque rural Romania, - with plenty day trips and exciting activities. Our body has the magical ability to reset itself to higher level of health and energy, to recover and rejuvenate, provided we allow and encourage it to do so.

In recent decades however, our food became increasingly more toxic and our lifestyle became so stressful that our body’s ability to rejuvenate is hindered.

This restorative escape will leave you with unforgettable memories created by our professional team of experts and technicians who look after your wellbeing and comfort. During the retreat you will be reminded of Nature’s blessed healing powers: nutritionally high quality raw organic foods and super-foods; gluten free, dairy free and animal protein free meals; and, luscious, hydrating drinks provided in our menus.

More importantly, you will learn a new set of habits, with valuable and practical knowledge that you can take home and use to improve your health and remain youthful as an integral part of your life.

While you can always choose a detoxifying regime performed in a city clinic, nothing compares with the benefits from choosing to cleanse your body, rejuvenate your mind and restore your soul in Nature, all the while savoring wholesome and flavorful products grown and harvested before your very eyes.

Select one of our renowned Restorative Escapes to Romania and

  • Enjoy 9 days of rejuvenation, detoxification and slimming in a picturesque and relaxing location;
  • Recover your health, detoxify, slim down, and become more flexible, fit and radiant!
  • Savor the Romanian organic cuisine - flavorful and rich in vitamins from produce harvested in this ancient cradle of the world.
  • Experience the cultural treasures of Romania.
  • Regain your physical shape and get reacquainted with sports as you learn and practice easy, fun and efficient weight loss and toning physical exercise every day. Gain stretching ability and flexibility


Restorative Escape Packages

Standard Package

Duration: 9 days

Days 1, 2 and 9 include a complete menu consisting of raw organic, vegan food. Days 3-8 include 4 liters of green juice, grapefruit juice & detox lemonade, herbal tea/ spring water.

Your firm commitment to this program will help you achieve long lasting results including, improved health, weight loss, and the elimination of constipation and acidity. During the program seminars you will learn how to reduce or eliminate unhealthy habits and transition to a healthier lifestyle.

For added benefits you can opt for a deeper detoxifying regime that includes the intestines, colon and liver flush. Our nutritionist on staff is available for consultations.

If you feel challenged or face one or more of the following conditions, we can help. Please consider joining us and experiencing a Restorative Escape To Romania!

At the end of each of CEDA’s Restorative Escape packages you will leave empowered with all the tools you need:

  • An approach to achieving balanced weight and the knowledge of how to maintain your results
  • A better fitness level and more energy
  • Feeling and appearing younger
  • Achieving happiness and contentment
  • Feeling more connected with the surroundings
  • Balanced blood sugar
  • Balanced hormones
  • More focus and more brain energy
  • Acne free skin
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Healthier nails and hair
  • Better improved blood circulation
  • Reduced menstrual symptoms
  • Reduced allergies and intolerances




Standard Package: 9 days detox
- 3 days complete menu - raw food  (2 days at the arrival + the last one)

- 6 days of juice fast (4 liters of green juice, grapefruit juice & detox lemonade, herbal tea/ spring water)

Services included

Enjoy9 days of lavish pampering in 4 star accommodations;

Physical check-up (weight, height, blood pressure, blood sugar level);

Health energetic check-up  - performed at arrival and departure;

Sauna, hot tub, pool, 1 massage session included;

Customized exercise regime focused on helping you achieves your goals: slimming, toning & regaining flexibility, breathing & energizing techniques.

Aroma-therapy consultation including essential oils;

Fun, interactive informative sessions;

Daily stress release exercises;

Seminars, discussions and documentaries both informative and spiritual.



€ 1700

Price based on double occupancy.

Add €400 for single occupancy.


Book with minimum 3 months in advance and receive a

15% discount.

Custom Package: 14 or 21 days detox

We are happy to accommodate longer durations for groups of 12 guests or more.

 Contact us for details. Group discounts are available. 

Optional services:


Crystal therapy

€50 / session

Hydro colon therapy - (3 recommend sessions during the detox program for best results)

€75 / session

Pranic face lift

€35 / session

Pranic facelift

Durata fiecarei sesiuni este de 60 de minute.

€50 / session



Arrival and Departure
We recommend that you arrive in Bucharest at least one day before the scheduled retreat. We can assist by making lodging and transportation arrangements in Bucharest, on the day of your arrival and/or the day prior to departure.

€100 each way


All retreat locations are reachable by car within 1- 3 hour drive. For your convenience, pick up/drop off service is made available by request. Contact us for details and reservations.

€100 each way



Extra optiuni


Casa Nostalgia (Bran Castle)

Hikes through the surroundings:

September 26 –  October 5 

- Trip to Bucegi Mountains Plateau



- Trip to Zarnesti Keys



- Trip to Sinca Veche Cave



- Trip to Rasnov Castle



- Trip to Bran Castle (Dracula Castle)



Acacia Village (Bucharest)

Sightseeing Bucharest:


May 30 – June 8

- Museum & art gallery

October 17– October 26

- Palace of Parliament

October 31 – November 9


November 21– November 30


Conacul lui Maldar (Horezu)

Hikes through the surroundings:



- Trip to Polovragi Cave & Polovragi Monastery, Horezu Monastery


July 18– July 27

- Trip to Govora Salina



- Trip to the Sculptural Ensemble Constantin Brancusi



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For more details, please contact us at: CEDA, 14 Viitorului Street, sector 2, Bucharest, Romania.

Phone: +40 318 05 60 55, +40 728 101 854, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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