We organize trips to energetic centers,cultural and historical spaces representative of Romania.

We organize film festivals and contribute to developing and promoting documentaries.

We organize conferences, festivals, discussion sessions, workshops and camps / retreats in Romania, with national and international guests.

Heal your body and gain your maximum potential health and energy!

We are pleased to invite you to an exceptional meeting with the challenge that will not let you sleep at night!

"The flavors are endowed with purifying action, balance and enhance own energy. Aromas fill our mind with peace and tranquility. " Wang Wei

Is your life according to your expectations?
Do you enjoy your life in a good health condition?
Are your family, home and work harmonious and prosperous? Or do you feel uncomfortable in your everyday environment?

CRYSTAL anti-aging, known as the Pranic Facelift is an application of the latest in energy medicine rejuvenate the face and slowing the aging process.

To live a conscious life ... is a path of wisdom! Rudhyar