Sacred and mysterious spaces

Journeys are unique experiences. Besides the geography and the history of the places we will visit, a journey can turn into an initiating journey, by connecting us to spaces with a special energy, able to activate at anytime a healing process or a deep awareness. Sacred places represent important points in which the connection with subtle energies is done much more intensly and obviously.

We invite you to take part on an initiating journey to Sarmizegetusa and reconnect with our ancestors and the entire nature when “the heavens open”, between the summer solstice and the day we celebrate Sanziene, a very old popular traditional fest. Our journey takes place in a time of great cosmic significance, which is why we will visit sacred sites and practice ceremonies.

We are going to travel in energetical centers of Romania, genuine sacred spaces, starting with The Sphinx from The Bucegi Mountains and reaching The Dacian Fortresses from The Orastie Mountains, at Sarmizegetusa, Costesti, Blidaru.
Special guest: Don Jorge Luis Delgado - a genuine Kuraq Akulleq from lake Titicaca, a guide leading beings from this physical world on a path seeking truth, finding knowledge and attaining wisdom, a living guide who had been to the other side of the moment, into the quantum world of infinite possibility, a man who was given the task to bridge existences and to prepare those who would walk these bridges with knowledge and courage, Author of Andean Awakening: an Inca Guide to Mystical Peru.

We are pleased to invite you to experience a new journey in highly energetical places, located in energetical centers of Romania. We will climb to The Ladies Stones from The Rarau Mountains, a veritable masterpiece of nature, offering a spectacular view of The Oriental Carpathians, followed by a hike on The Toaca Peak, to witness a unique phenomenon , The holographic pyramid  from The Ceahlau Massif.

We end our journey by discovering the cave vestiges from The Buzau Mountains, evidences of the inhabitation of these places in ancient times, and science states the occurrence of trully exceptional phenomenons. During our travel we will stop at The Mud Volcanoes, the place where the Earth “speaks” to us. This journey represents a wonderful opportunity to visit the monasteries from Bucovina, part of UNESCO heritage, but also the monasteries from Neamt or the hermitages from The Buzau Mountains, sacred places dating since pre-Christian era.

Our journey is like a torsion in time, from the miracles the saints used to accomplish, hundreds of years ago, until the recent appearances of Virgin Mary, ar Medjugorje.
Our pilgrimage takes us to Saint Anthony of Padova, at Saint Francisc of Assisi, at Saint Rita, at Loretto - the place where Virgin Mary's house, brought from Nazaret, at Pietrelcina - the place where Padre Pio was born, and at San Giovanni Rotondo - at the cathedral where he had served and where he is buried, at Monte Sant'Angelo - the place where the sanctuary of Archangel Michael, and at Saint Nicholas, in the Bari Cathedral.
At Medjugorje, we will climb on The Cross Hill - Krizevac, where plenty of pilgrims confessed they experienced real miracles in their lives after this ascent, but also on the Appearances Hill, where Virgin Mary was seen by many children and teenagers, witnessing also the mounthly transmition of Mirianei, one of the visionaries.

Jorge Luis Delgado, writer and connaisseur of the Inca culture, an authentic ‘stargate keeper’, will be our guide and will accompany us all along our experimental journey in The Sacred Valley. Alongside Don Jorge, we will enjoy the presence of Don Abel, another special guide of the energetically places in Peru, and they will introduce us to the ceremonies and initiations in the sacred temples that we will visit, discovering all the legends of this ancient civilization, a genuine immersion in the authentic Inka culture.

The route we propose is unique indeed, happening in an extraordinary beautiful natural setting, discovering the whole country and the culture that represents it: Lima, the peruvian capital; Marcahuasi - The Temple of Humanity, revealing an incontestable connection with The Sphinx from The Carpathian Mountains, that lead the american or peruan explorers to try demonstrate that those are vestiges of a protohistory civilization, who left traces of their existence in several place on Earth: Chiclayo with The Tucume Temples and Pyramides, located in the North of Peru; Cusco, the fascinating sacred town, panther shaped and The Temples of The Sacred Valley, Coricancha - The Temple of The Sun, The Temple of The Water - Tipon,  The Temple of The Heart, Sacsayhuaman, Kenko, Puca Pukara,  Quillarumiyoc, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu - The Crystal Sacred Town and climbing Wuayana Picchu Peak, an amazing belvedere, and also a sacred place for meditation; Chucuito - on the shore of Lake Titicaca, also called The Alpine Seaside, visiting Amantani - The Island of Love and The Floating Islands Uros, The Molloko Vortex - Amaru Muru and Sillustani, a place with an impressive telluric energy, considered by the wise men a real portal to other Universes, offering a marvellous view, especially during the sunset.

In Bolivia we continue our Inka culture discovery process visiting: Copacabana, The Island of The Sun and The Island of The Moon, on The Lake Titicaca, The Tiwanaku Temples, The Sacred Town of The Children of The Sun and Puma Punku, the biggest archaelogical outdoor site in this very moment, said to be a launching platform for the vehicles of our stellar brothers, The Valley of The Moon, La Paz Town or, in the last part of our journey, Uyuni - the big Salt Dessert, an absolutely amazing landscape, where we will accomodate in hotels made of salt and we will have only off-road trips through the wonderful Reserve - Eduardo Abaroa, with multicolored lagunas, geysers and overwhelming muntain peaks, more than 6000m high, unique views, Chuvica, Colchani, The Incahuasi Island, the place with giant bloom cacti, and The Tupac Volcano, considered to be an important sacred mountain, before we return home with unforgettable memories.