We are pleased to invite you to experience a new journey in highly energetical places, located in energetical centers of Romania. We will climb to The Ladies Stones from The Rarau Mountains, a veritable masterpiece of nature, offering a spectacular view of The Oriental Carpathians, followed by a hike on The Toaca Peak, to witness a unique phenomenon , The holographic pyramid  from The Ceahlau Massif.

We end our journey by discovering the cave vestiges from The Buzau Mountains, evidences of the inhabitation of these places in ancient times, and science states the occurrence of trully exceptional phenomenons. During our travel we will stop at The Mud Volcanoes, the place where the Earth “speaks” to us. This journey represents a wonderful opportunity to visit the monasteries from Bucovina, part of UNESCO heritage, but also the monasteries from Neamt or the hermitages from The Buzau Mountains, sacred places dating since pre-Christian era.

We are pleased to invite you to experience a new journey in Romania, the kind that takes you back to the cradle of humanity, where legends are born!

You will discover places energetically alive and active, portals or star gates into other dimensions. The history of Romania is beyond Time and Space - where Sacred places, New Discoveries, Vast Tunnel Systems and Rich Traditions of Immortals and Magical Inner Beings merge into a new paradigm of Truth.