Qi-Gong detox retreat with master Le, at Sarmizegetusa, an ancient priests citadel, in Romania, 30th of september-8th of october 2017

 A week of physical, mental and energetical detox in a location full of spiritual charge.
We propose you a Qi-Gong detox retreat with master Le and an unforgettable trip to Samizegetusa, a perfect occasion to reconnect with the Self, with the authentic history of these lands and to the nature, surrounded by impressive geography. Sarmizegetusa was the most important, religious and political center of the wise and brave Dacians. In ancient Sanskrit the name means flow, enlightenment and the place that illuminates the world of life. Explore architectural wonders such as the 365,242197 day calendar, the solar disc, the colonnade, and much more. This is a the perfect place for ceremonies and deep meditations. 

Our trip unfolds like a tale, lasting two days in Bucharest, the Romanian capital and other seven days at Sarmizegetusa, during which we discover the ability of regeneration of our body and soul, in a space full of high spiritual resonance and purity, while connecting to our authentic spirit and roots.

Master Thuannghia Le, born in Vietnam, has been practicing medical Qi-Gong since childhood, right now initiating the 7th branch of the world. He lived in a temple from the age of 9 and he was taught five traditional practices, later on professing as a Master of medical Qi-Gong, Acupuncture and Traditional Asian Medicine. He now lives and practices in Hamburg, Germany, but he often travels the world to attend conferences and seminars on medical matters and energetic healing.
Moreover, he manages two clinics in Vietnam for the treatment of children with autism with the help of energetical techniques and traditional Asian medicine, an activity acknowledged also by UNESCO.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6M1vgAzDWg 

A week of physical, mental and energetical detox in a location full of spiritual charge.

We will be in perfect harmony with the nature’s cycles, we will exercise and try the Master’s diet but we will also make trips to Dacian fortresses, parks and natural reservations.

The medical Qi-Gong eliminates toxins and pathogens, the Being and the Light mix together and the illness transmutes into health, all by using the internal alchemy principles and constant practise.
The trip includes the digestive and motor system detoxification techniques practice, both mentally and emotionally, the regeneration of the organs and the energetical rebalancing.
Bonus: For the first time in Romania, during the trip will be held the one-day seminar for rejuvenation and care through the Qi-Gong technique. It includes the elimination or the wrinkles, the tissue rejuvenation and physical revitalization without surgical interventions, aggressive treatments of acupuncture. It is a seminar held with great success in Vietnam, China France and Germany.
The programme is a lesson of health, reset and also history, an authentic bond with our Self during nine days with the following schedule:

Saturday, 30th of September - Arrival in Bucharest on Henry Coanda airport, accommodation at a 4* hotel (B&B) situated nearby the old city centre, a mirror of little Paris. Welcome dinner.

Sunday, 1 st October – After breakfast (8:00) we depart to Sarmizegetusa aria, direction Bucharest-Brasov- Sibiu-Sebes- Orastie, with two short stops and a lunch break in Sibiu. We meet the whole group at a pension in Costesti-Orastie, at 6 pm for check-in and for supper at 7 pm. The lunch is not included in the costs of the programme.

During the week we start the day early in the morning, at 9:30, after the breakfast, we have breathing and Qi-Gong exercises with master Le.
Optional- exercises at dawn.

After lunch, at 1 pm, on each afternoon, we visit Dacian fortresses or wander in the nature, meditate and work with Master Le in sacred places.
Supper at 7 pm at the pension. Friday we have an alchemic camp fire.

Saturday, 7 th October: after the lunch we leave for Bucharest, direction Orastie-Sebers-Sibiu-Ramnicu Valcea-Pitesti-Bucharest, we can stop on Valea Oltului for a break, at the beautiful Cozia monastery.

Sunday, 8 th of October, free day and departure day. Bucharest tour *optional. Multiple transfers to Henry Coanda Airport.

The cost
 of this programme is 980 Euros per person for a double room, 280 Euros supplement for single, for eight nights, full board for six days with detox food at Sarmizegetusa, from the first supper to the last breakfast on the day we leave to Bucharest. It also includes the QI-Gong lessons with master Le, the trips to the Dacian fortresses where sometimes a history professor and researcher will join us. The area is well-known to him. Besides this, it includes the entrance fee for some of the tourist attractions and translators, multiple transfers to and from airport, transport by minibus in Transylvania, welcome dinner in Bucharest.

The journey does not include: health insurance, personal expenses, tips, meals in Bucharest and on the road to our retreat, drinks with meals, also optional tour in Bucharest (25 euros).

It is necessary to have comfortable sporty clothes and sleeping pads.

For details you can contact us at:
0722 232810
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Booking and partial payment of 50% will be done until 8th September 2017. The money will not be reimbursed in case of cancellation of participation to the event after 15th September.

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