The Danube Delta is pure nature, spreading over an area of approx. 5000 km2, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, accommodating 25 types of ecosystems, numerous plants and animals on the verge of extinction (over 5500 species), protected by law. It is the second largest and the best preserved delta in Europe; it was formed 5000 years ago,through the forking of the Danube River, before its outlet into the Black Sea, into three branches: Chilia, St. George and Sulina, linked together through a complex and remarkable system of lakes, channels and lagoons. The Danube Delta encompasses the third biggest biodiversity in the world, after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Galapagos Archipelago in Ecuador. More than 50% of the Danube Delta biosphere is intact, and here you can encounter white lotus flowers and yellow water lilies, the biggest colony of white pelicans – the symbol of the Danube Delta, wild geese, swans, egrets, storks, gipsy ibises, and also herds of wild horses racing along at will in the Letea Forest, the northernmost exotic forest exhibiting tropical features; here there are also trees whose age is assessed to more than 500 years old. And last but not least, the sand dunes provide a perfect shelter for turtles and different types of lizards.        

”Come forth into the light of things, / Let Nature be your teacher”
William Wordsworth

We welcome you to an encounter with the blessings of nature, but also with the incredible local traditions of the people in this special area. The Danube Delta is a unique space labelled the queen of ecotourism in Europe. Step into a wonderful adventure into a place where the on-going cycle of life and death is manifest, in a landscape that is constantly changing, showing the ephemeral and organic nature of all things; only the energy of life and nature is in a perpetual joyful playing, and at each moment water and earth become the living composite for new creations.